5 Reasons to Date a Cuban Woman

A Language of Passion and Love


Cuban women are of Latina decent. They speak Spanish, and Spanish is undoubtedly one of the most romantic languages known to man. With genuine dedication, love, and passion you can bet that your Cuban lover will not only encourage you, but will also help teach you her native tongue.

Spanish has many unique sayings to naturally express love for one another, including infatuation and desire. In fact, a lot of phrases from Spanish are not even possible to translate to English literally.

When you learn to speak her language, her desire for you will grow immensely, and it will also open the door for you to meet some of her friends and even family should the day come.

If and when you decide to visit Latin America and you meet your Cuban dream girl, know that the Spanish you pick up from her will help keep you safe, add to your intelligence, and help you fit right in with the culture and even avoid being ripped off or scammed.

Incredibly Tasting Recipes and Cooking


Should you be lucky enough to have the great pleasure of meeting and dating a Cuban woman, know that she’s going to take care of you and your appetite (and we mean that in more than one way) just the way you like it.

Cuban women are brought up closely with their family, especially their Mother and Father. They acquire strong cooking skills and share their finest recipes, hot or mild, just the way you like it—virtually for any meat or course that you can think of.

Even better, they will insist you eat until you’re full, and love to feel and see that their man is well taken care of and satisfied. From boiled to fried chicken, fried plantains and all types of rice, whether you like it plain, mild, or spicy, they can cook it all and add their own natural cook that will drive your taste buds wild!

While some might see it as a drawback that their biggest cooking strengths are in their native food, understand that the skies are the limit and that many Latin foods are crossed into or commonly seen in American foods and diet.

Best of all, once your Cuban love becomes your Amor, rest assured she will be attentive to any allergies or dislikes you have with foods and accommodate you in every way possible—because again, Cuban women are unbelievably accommodating and love to please their man. 

The Best Hands Down, Most Intimate and Skillful Dancers


From rocking their hips in all the right ways, to having those desired curves in all the right places, Cuban women are extremely feminine and love to dance until the sun comes up! Latina culture thinks big of dancing and Cuban women absolutely love to express themselves with a night out of non-stop dancing.

From salsa to merengue, Cubans know just how to express what they’re feeling, they really know how to move their body’s right, and get any man’s attention!

Cuban women dance very intimately, and love being close to their man out in public, which is just an added bonus for you! Always expect many kisses and touching, and know that your Cuban woman will always keep you feeling loved and happy.

Cuban Women Will Always Stand by Your Side


Cuban women are extremely independent, confident, and loyal to their lovers. Not only this, but even to their friends alike, they are very honorable and will always stand by their friends or lover, no matter the dangers or circumstances.

Cuban women are brought up learning how to please and keep their man happy by their mother and family members. No matter it be a physical or verbal altercation, you can rest assured your Cuban woman will have your back!

Cuban women are very vocal, outspoken, and will speak their mind no matter the threat or circumstances. Many Cuban women come from very tough upbringings and are therefore commonly very street-smart.

Cuban women always have friends in any place they go, and know how to always keep control of a situation. Best of all, Cubans stick together, so know that if you’re with your love, chances are you’re very safe to enjoy yourself, kick back, and relax. 

Cuban Women Love Their Families, and Make One of the Best Wives and Mothers


Should you ever be lucky to get this far with a Cuban woman (beta-males stand back!), Cuban women make wonderful mothers and wives, as they are brought up with very strong family values and qualities.

Cuban women will always put their family and their man before themselves. This is an extremely desirable quality, and you can expect this to show in just about any area, interaction, or experience that you have with your Amor de Cubana (Your Cuban love).