Dating Kenyan Women: How to Find a Kenyan Wife

Kenyan women are some of the most sought-after women in the world, thanks to a combination of wits, beauty, and personality. You see, most men will tell you that they either have always wanted to date an African woman, already have, or know someone who has and envy them – but in a good way. By this, we mean that a lot of men – especially those who travel – have found African women to be very unique, loving, compassionate, and surprisingly mature in comparison to what they’re used to in women back in places like the United States or Europe.

So, you see, we have here a conundrum of sorts, as Kenya women are in very high demand, and a lot of guys might believe they don’t have a chance, or can’t meet one.

But, the truth is, in combination with dating sites, social media sites, and traveling, ambitious Kenyan women alike the chances are you’ll meet one or two along your travels in your very own country. Or, at the least, find a local community where there are lots of African – in particular, Kenyan – women, and be able to take it from there.

Now, Kenyan women are not just desirable because of their exotic looks, or personality, no. It’s actually far more than that. In fact, Kenyan women happen to be some of the most intelligent, inventive, and ambitious women in the entire continent of Africa. But why, you ask? More than likely, because these strong, ambitious, outgoing women know what real struggle is like, have watched their own ancestors struggled, and most importantly they were brought up the right way.

Even better? You will find that most Kenyan women are God-fearing, typically Christian, so this also means she’ll be more inclined to follow moral and ethical relationship-standards which you might not see a lot of western women doing.

With that being said, keep in mind that no one woman or type of women are perfect, and, likewise neither are you. But, that’s alright, and the truth is, men from all walks of life have reported enjoying a more meaningful marriage, happier family, and humbler woman by dating and marrying a Kenyan.

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What Makes Kenyan Women Special?

Historically speaking, some of the most creative, business-minded African women originate in Kenya. In fact, even the first Nobel Prize winner was Kenyan, and, she is no exception to the cause.

Kenyan women are very ambitious, value knowledge, and are brought up to pursue the benefits of wisdom and education through learning. Therefore, they not only often pursue college-level studies and leadership, but, they also enjoy studying other languages. In many cases, a Kenyan woman will strive towards being able to travel herself one day, immersing herself in different cultures, and more than likely is in search of the perfect man to do it with – and that very well could be you!

Additionally, Kenyan women are very artistic and enjoy doing activities that bring out their creativity. So, again, adding to not only their ambitious side but, also creativity and willingness to explore.

Kenyan women are also known to be very level-headed, responsible, and disciplined when it comes to self-conduct, and the ways they behave around others. Most importantly, they are very aware of, and take pride not only in their reputation but, are also quite mindful as to the types of people they surround themselves with – think “close-knit” communities.

Also, Kenyan women are very confident, and know what they want not only out of friends and life but, also their man – which is a huge plus. This means, for prospective men, fewer games or drama to have to worry about as you might have experienced in the past. Did we mention Kenyan women are inventive?


What Can You Expect?

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a woman that is career-minded, willing to invent or reinvent not just technology and ideas, but also evolve as a person, then chances are a Kenyan woman would be perfect for you.

Best of all, Kenyan women are naturally beautiful, and given all their various skin tones, combinations or abilities with different color makeups, and hairstyles you’re sure to be blown away by your Kenyan date or lover’s appearance. And, they still look just as beautiful even under the skin, have sincere hearts, pursue happiness, and are some of the most optimistic people you’ll ever meet. Kenyan women are very tough, strong physically, and mentally. However, they also know how to, and are willing, to share and show their soft or more sensitive side with a man that they love and trust (read more on Advice for Dating Kenyan Women below).

If you date and marry a woman from Kenyan you can anticipate not having to worry about having a “Yes Woman” on your hands. Kenyan women can think for themselves, and take pride in doing so. They are confident, intuitive, and ‘big thinkers.’ Also, they are very aggressive in defending those they care about and love, including their boyfriend or husband.

A Kenyan woman will always push you to do better, be your best, and support and love you when you are down. They will always stand by your side and remain self-driven and passionate about life even if and when you are not there to push them. Kenyan women are anything but ‘artificial’ and make extraordinary wives and mothers. They are also excellent cooks, so, what do you have to lose? Read on to learn about what a Kenyan woman looks for in a man, and how to prepare yourself.

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Keeping Your Kenyan Lover Happy

Dating a Kenyan woman, finding the Kenyan woman of your dreams, and possibly getting married to one someday doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, whether you’re African yourself, African American, or any other nationality or ethnicity, find comfort in knowing that interracial marriage both in the west, but especially in Africa, is becoming more and more common. And, Kenya is by no means an exception. You’d likely be surprised at how many foreigners both visits, as well as life in Kenyan with their Kenyan wife or lover, or, will become married at some point in the near future. Also, while working is uncommon for foreigners in Kenya as far as international traveling and dating goes, it is not unheard of.

Understand that both before and while you are in Kenya – or are dating a Kenyan woman back home – that much like any other woman and dating, it’s important to keep your options open. Also, know that she likely is too and that you should both be respectful of each others decisions to do so, or however you decide to go about dating and a relationship.

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Moving to Kenya:  Just Be You

Ultimately,  as far as happily dating and marrying a Kenyan woman goes, just be you. And, while this might sound a bit ‘cliché’, it is quite true, and an effective way to not only date but, also to be as a man in general. Also, Kenyan women are very attracted to not only intelligence but, also wisdom – which means they enjoy a mature, experienced, well-cultured man. So, if you are a bit – or much – older than her, this does not necessarily mean things won’t work out, or that her interest and love for you is by any means insincere.

Kenyan women, as mentioned earlier, are quite intuitive, so, be genuine and do not put up any “front”. Because, remember, Kenyan women are some of the most genuine you will ever know or meet, so, you can find comfort in that, and being your true – open – self. It of course, also helps if you are God-fearing or religion, and that you know what you want out of life, and a future relationship.

Typically, Kenyan women do not have premarital sex and remain very limited in the men they date – and for good reason. This means, expect to be friends at first – for perhaps quite some time – and that necessary, traditional “courting” behavior is in order. Most importantly, remember, manners can mean everything, and Kenyan women are very well-mannered and cultured.

You will learn with Kenyan women that money and materialism are less important, and, that rather, love, sincerity, God, morals and ethics are much more important to them.

Whether or not you are a seemingly “aggressive” man when it comes to pursuing what or who you want can be rather significant, and valuable to dating a Kenyan woman. Because they are so confident, they are often aggressive in anyone or anything they pursue, and this should not deter or scare you away. If you are not interested in this type of mentally and physically strong woman, then, chances are an African woman is not for you.

However, there is no need to be intimidated, and, rest assured that your Kenyan lover will always be sincere, loving, patient, and understanding with you if and when you begin dating or one day get married and create a family together.