Find Happiness With Foreign Girls For Marriage


The path to true love isn’t always easy, in fact, it’s often far more difficult than most men ever imagined.  Even though you set out with the intention of finding your soul mate, and a woman to start a family with, what you probably came across is one disappointment after another. You’re not alone though; there are thousands of other men just like you, searching for their perfect woman, but coming up short every single time.

Why does this happen?

The simple answer is that you’ve probably limited your dating research to all the usual online dating sites. Now although these sites can have potential matches on them, you’ve probably noticed that most women on them lie about everything from their age, to whether or not they already have kids, and even their relationship status. Going online to find love can mean walking into a minefield of confusion and heartache any man can gladly live without.

We’ve helped men just like you find a better path to love, a path that’s a bit further away from home, but one that’s less-traveled and with far, far more potential than you might ever have imagined. Sit back and allow us to explain why dating women from foreign countries makes so much sense.

The Perks of Dating Foreign Women

The first thing you’ll notice about Latinas, Eastern European beauties and Asian women is that all the usual hoops you have to jump through with Western women don’t exist. Women from foreign countries are more than willing to accept you for whom you are, and what you can bring to the relationship.

This is the complete opposite to most Western women who expect you to be perfect in every way, and when you can’t do that they show you just how disappointed they are, right before they leave you for some other guy.

Here are some other reasons for you to date women from a number of different countries:


No Cheating

Unlike American and European women you’ll find that women from developing countries would never dream of cheating on you. The reasons for this include the fact they’ve been cheated on themselves, that their religious or spiritual beliefs think of cheating as a terrible thing to do to a man, and they know that if they cheat on you that they won’t get a second chance.

If you look at how Western media portray cheating, they’ve slowly turned it into something which they almost encourage women to try. There’s even websites designed specifically for married people who want to cheat on their partners – this is something you’d ever find in South America or Asia – they’d be disgusted that something like this would ever be allowed to exist.

Family Oriented

When you’re trying to date a career-minded Western woman you’ll find that travel, partying and work will all take priority over having children. So you wait, and wait, and then wait some more until at 38 she’s “ready” to have kids with you.

That’s when they realize they’re now too old to have children, and you’re left with the reality of never being able to hold your own son or daughter in your arms. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with adopting or fostering children – that’s a really noble thing to do, but the truth is that every man wants to be a father at some stage in their life.

Women from countries like Brazil, China, Korea, Cuba, Peru, the Philippines, and other similar countries, all dream of being able to start a family with a man they can trust – a man just like you, plus you won’t have to try to “talk” them into starting a family with you. In fact, they’ll probably bring up the subject first.

Natural Beauty

American and many European women tend to invest a lot of time and money in their appearance. This includes everything from expensive clothes and makeup, to even more expensive cosmetic surgery procedures.

In the end you wind up with a woman who’s not really herself any more – instead she looks like something from a magazine cover. You only need to take a quick glance at Latvian, Polish or Russian women to see that they’re born beautiful.

The same is true of many Latin American, and Asian women. They don’t need to destroy their bodies with liposuction, breast augmentation and Botox – they’re as beautiful when you meet them as you could possibly wish.

Physically Attractive

Western women now spend more of their time glued to the sofa watching Netflix, and eating junk food, than they do getting exercise to keep themselves in shape. If you don’t believe us then just look at the obesity epidemic sweeping the United States and some parts of Europe.

Being massively overweight is now something which is becoming “acceptable” for Western women, even though it means they’ll suffer from a number of health complications, including being unable to have children. Most foreign girls understand their body is a temple, so they eat properly and exercise regularly to maintain a curvy figure and a healthy weight.

Low Maintenance

Any American or European man who’s dated a high maintenance woman knows just how exhausting this can be. You move from screaming match to screaming match, doing your best to keep her happy in the breaks between arguments.

Most of these arguments stem from the fact that a lot of Western women feel entitled to get whatever they ask for (or demand in reality), including cars, a bigger house, more clothes, expensive holidays and the freedom to go out whenever they want, with whoever they want.

A perfect example of this is the idea of having an “open relationship” which is now becoming popular again. Most foreign girls are more than happy to be simply loved and treated with respect – not expecting you to lavish them with expensive gifts just to keep them happy. They genuinely wouldn’t understand why any man would want to do that.

No Dating “Rules”

how many times have you met a girl, clicked, gotten her number and then called, texted or WhatsApped her only to hear silence in return? Whether you like it or not most Western women have a “rule” of not returning your message for at least 72 hours after you contact them.

Apparently this is their way of showing you that you have to work harder to win them over. They’re basically throwing a stick for you to fetch, and then patting you on the head when you bring it back to them. Asian, Latin American and Eastern European women don’t play silly mind games with their men.

They either fall in love with you, or they don’t, but they won’t lead you along pretending to be interested in you until a better guy comes along – somebody taller, with more money, less hair, more hair, or whatever Cosmo or Vogue told them is “hot” right now.

Age Is Only A Number

American And European women are obsessed with age – both their own and the age of their partners. In fact it’s not unusual for an American woman to simply ignore a guy based purely on his age – he simply doesn’t fit into the current age bracket she’s looking for.

This also explains why a growing number of Western women are now unhappily single in their 40s and 50s. The vast majority of women from foreign countries don’t care what age you are – they only care what’s inside your heart, and your soul.

What might surprise you is that in countries such as Russia and Korea older men are seen as being wiser and more experienced, and therefore better “boyfriend” material. Women hate immaturity and this is doubly true of foreign women; they want a man to be a real man, and not just a boy with mommy issues.

Why Foreign Girls Want Western Boyfriends


The biggest surprise for most Western guys when they start the international dating process is just how eager foreign girls are to meet them. They go out of their way to be available to talk to you online, or by whatever method you prefer.

In fact, they show so much interest in Western men that some guys get a bit weirded out by the whole experience. Don’t though – and there are very good reasons why those foreign girls are literally tripping over themselves to meet you:

  • You can offer them a level of financial stability they can never experience living at home
  • The know that a Western man – a gringo – will treat them with far more respect than local guys
  • Western men still believe in romance, something that most foreign men don’t
  • They can look forward to a life free of the same violence they experience at home – especially in Eastern European countries
  • They’ve heard that men from Western countries want to settle down and have kids when they meet the right woman
  • Unlike their previous boyfriends they know that an American or European man will want to build a life, and a future, with them
  • Once they’re over 25 years of age they’ve completely given up on dating local guys – they have no choice but to date a Westerner instead
  • When a foreign girl is 25+, and still single, most local guys won’t want to date them – they’re seen as being too old
  • In many foreign countries men don’t mature until they’re in their 40s, often living with their parents until the day they get married

Basically there’s a world full of foreign women out there, just waiting to meet a guy like you. You can sit around thinking about this for another 6 months, or you can do something about it today.

Let me put it this way: In 12 months time do you still want to be putting up with all the same problems you get when dating Western women, or do you want to experience romance and physical pleasure in an entirely new way?

Speaking from experience we can tell you that the best way to arrange an overseas trip to meet a foreign girl is by using a global dating agency. They can take care of everything from the initial introduction, all the way through to your travel plans.