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hot Latin models

Date Russian Woman – Are There Any Pick-Up Tricks

Have you been in love with a Russian? Here are three good pieces of advice if you plan to go for a girlfriend like Kournikova or Lena from Tatu.

You may have dreamed the tennis player Anna Kournikova, or you have discussed the charm of Maria Sharapova and surely you will notice Elena Dementieva next time when you watch the sports channels. What do they have in common? Yes, tennis is one of the things and the other is that they are all Russians!

Russian woman are characterized with sporty figures (without all of them being tennis players, you see), killer blue eyes and a great walk. If you look at Fashion TV you will be amazed how many women from the ex-soviet union are super models and adored by the designers these days.

Another fine example of stage performers and celebrities but in the entertainment industry, are the fierce brunette Julia and the sprightly redhead Lena, both of them forming the duet Tatu. Not long ago they toured USA and broke millions of hearts! Don’t you dream of having such a lovely wife?

Now you know that actually all your life you wanted to date Russian. But what will she like in you?

First of all learn a few phrases in Russian.

The Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet which is totally different from the Latin. Russian words are pronounced with softness and you might find it heard in the beginning but work hard and your efforts will be paid off. “Zdrastvui” and “Privet” are used for saying “Hello”; if you want to make a compliment, tell your date that “Tiy preekrahsnah vigleedeesh!” this means “You look lovely” and if you say it right she will fall for you immediately.

Romance her!

Russian women love small acts of romance. They can knit a sweater for you instead of going to a shop and buying it, just because they love you and doing something especially for you intends to prove their affection.

In return they will appreciate a rose of something hand made. Romantic gestures should be made from both sides. Of course you will not be expected to sew, but at a later stage when you know each other better, some French perfume or lingerie will make her jump with joy.

Call her!

Do not pretend that you are too busy. Russian women, need your attention 24/7 otherwise soon someone else could enjoy their attention. No matter the difference today, regular phone services have low-cost competition.

Use IP telephones or other alternative telecoms to talk to her at least once per day. Sometimes she might be busy. Do not think that she does not like to hear your voice, but ask when she will be available and free for chat.

Build a relationship

These things do not happen out of the blue. Many people believe that Russian women are pretty dolls and they can have two or three at home just for fun. This is very offensive for a lady. If you have serious intentions be clear with this. Tell your date something more about your family. It is very important for the lady because they come from a society where parents and kids are respected.

Do it right and you could find the love of your life!

hot Latin models
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