Many Western countries are full of dissatisfied men that are tired of the common relationship practices or a lack thereof with the everyday women they date.

While there are plenty of Western countries that are full of democratic freedoms, rights, and happiness it’s no mystery that the women in each of these places behave quite differently than women from abroad – in places like Russia and Ukraine.

Many Ukrainian and Russian women, on the other hand, are likewise very dissatisfied and tired of the same dating troubles, problems, and lack of sensitivity and loyalty with many of their men and seek something new.

Slovak women have their heads on straight, are ambitious, and arguably some of the sexiest women in the world. They know what they want and are intelligent and committed enough to know how to get it.

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Women from Russia or the Ukraine that signup for dating sites are not necessarily looking for a meal-ticket, gold digging for vulnerable men, or simply a way out of their home country.

There is, however, validity in the idea because these countries tend to be so economically unstable and many of the men in these places do not treat the women how they expect, or wish to be treated.

On top of this in places like the Ukraine, there are indeed a tremendous amount of government corruption and economic instability .

This, however, is not to take away from the reality and values that Ukrainian (and Russian) women have, along with the pride they possess for the places they reign from.

Ukrainian women are very smart, raised to be wives and mothers, and are looking to find their soulmate so that they may start a family of their own.

It’s worth pointing out that plenty of Ukrainian women work full time, attend, or have already graduated from university.

In fact, the Ukraine has some of the highest statistics for a ratio of educated women to men.

If you ever visit the Ukraine you may also notice that many if not the majority of business owners, entrepreneurs, and university students are indeed female.

Taking this into consideration it becomes more understandable why Ukrainian (and Russian) women seek a foreigner husband.

Western men are known to more frequently pursue and obtain higher education, to be ambitious, and make better husbands and fathers in a lot of cases compared to the men that Ukrainian women are used to.


Contrary to the many stories, reviews, and gossip about online dating and mail order brides from the Ukraine and Russia, there are plenty of success stories and legitimate dating agencies out there.

While on the same note it is true that there are plenty scammers as well, and illegitimate businesses, with the necessary research and due diligence on your part you may find yourself locating a mail order bride dating service or agency in the Ukraine without too much hassle.

A big reason why (legitimate) mail order bridge agencies and dating services have become so popular in places like the Ukraine is because yes, it undoubtedly makes money off of its members, but it’s really so much more than that.

Ukrainians in general, but especially women, are raised to look out for and take care of one another.

So if and when you come across a legitimate dating agency understand that it’s benefiting all the parties involved, but that there are also many costs and risks associated with the agencies business end of things too.

For example, imagine how difficult and costly the process of getting flowers to your Ukrainian mail order bride or pen pal friend could be if ordering them all the way from the USA.

Firstly, flower shops are hardly common if present at all in the Ukraine. The economy is currently depressed there, and only the most essential stores and businesses seem to successfully stay afloat today.

Therefore, even something that seems as “simple” as ordering flowers includes a lot of costs and work. From finding the shop, preparing the gift, and delivering it to even taking a picture of the gift with your mail order bride or pen pal to prove that she actually received it – and that you’re not being scammed out of your money.

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These businesses are also quite popular and are continue to grow today because they are providing a legitimate service and business in a market that is riddled with fakes, phonies, and scams.

These (legitimate) dating services or “mail-order bride” agencies pride themselves on reputation, take great care in protecting your personal information, and also do their best to ensure both the safety of you and the interested women you may be interacting with.

Outside of these businesses or service agencies had you pursued your own Ukrainian or Russian lover online through a chatroom or less than credible site it is much easier for you to get scammed out of your money and even potentially hurt if you come all the way here thinking you’re meeting up with someone who is not really who they say they are.

However, on the flip side it’s also worth pointing out that there also have been instances in the past where the foreigner man seeking a Ukrainian or Russian bride has treated his woman poorly, was abusive, or broke laws while meeting with his future dream girl.

Because of this new regulations have been put in place, background checks, and monitoring of correspondences through these legitimate agencies which undoubtedly a bit more costly in some instances, ensure much more than just a potential date for you.

Using a (legitimate) mail order bride or dating service agency gives peace of mind, ensures safety, and will make all the difference when you’ve saved up or prepared to actually fly into Ukraine and meet your future bride.

How to Find Your Hot Russian Mail Order Bride

The concept of mail order brides from Russia or the Far East has become somewhat of a cliché, but the reality is that there are still many women who are anxious to move to western countries such as the US and will do whatever it takes to get there – even if it means marrying somebody they just met on the web.

Most people have a predetermined concept that these dealings involve hot Russian women and unappealing western men with plenty of money, but this is not always the reality.

It is true, the women are typically very young and attractive, but men who are attracted to them might be just too busy or lonely to take out the time to encounter somebody in their own country.

Maybe they have had their heart broken before in a relationship and have heard that Russian wives are extremely loyal to their spouses.

This faithfulness is just one of the countless reasons that Russian women are such a favorite option when it comes to relationships on the web. Frequently, they have had a very traditional upbringing where their father and mother have placed in them the concept that the head of the household is the master of his spouse and is a man.

This is not to imply that these attractive women do not have their own minds, but you may be certain that they will have respect for you as a husband and deal with you with great affection and kindness.

There is no point in acting as if Russian Brides are searching online to discover husbands for any different reason than they desire a better life.


The circumstances in Russia has not gotten better, for plenty of people, since the Communism days, and for countless young and attractive girls the concept of utilizing their charm and looks to win over a rich husband from the US appears like the perfect solution to get out of their present situation.

Plenty of them also imagine a knight in shining armor romancing them, but every girl will always be forever grateful to the man who provides for her, and frequently for her family and especially for bringing her to America.

This is not to say that the man is allowed to get away with boorish and uncouth behavior. Although these women may put up with plenty because of gratitude, remember Russians can be extremely feisty!

These magnificent Russian women have their choice online of countless and interested men, Therefore, it is good if you can stand out in some manner from the crowd. A good way to impress the woman you are taken with is to learn a little Russian.

Although, the majority speak good English, being able to speak several words in her native language would be a terrific way to express to her how earnestly you think about the relationship and that you wish to do most anything to ensure her happiness.

These girls who use these sites are still very practical even though they are dreaming of romance. They realize their move to the United States means big changes for you both, but if you try your best to make her feel relaxed while you are talking, it will make her visits to the US more comfortable – and then you can use the time getting better acquainted before deciding to pop the all-significant question.