Young Russian Models

young Russian models
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Yes, ridiculous: now that all the nuts are cracked, I get around to posting these.
Hot Russian Bride Aloena, Single Bikini Model from Ukraine

Is 21 years old “too old” to become a successful fashion model?

I am a friend of a lady who is 5′ 10″ tall, knows very little English (Russian) and is currently working in China as a photo model (I’ve seen her latest portfolio pics, not that great, but okay modeling pics. The clothes are way too ‘boxy’ and not very marketable in N.A. ). Anyways, what’s her chance of becoming a successful fashion model in New York or other North-American fashion markets if she was to come for work over here?
I’ve heard that fashion modeling is really a young-girl’s hobby and if a model hasn’t made it by the time she’s 16 then she’s just too old.
Anna would first need to learn English, and many other necessities first, and by then she’ll be 23 or maybe older, so what’s her chance of getting very successful as a 24 year old fashion model in N.A. or Europe?

no i think you are at the right age